without proof of abuse.

I don’t understand my family. Why would you persuade me to take the board and take my dad away from me? If I told you to leave it behind, did you think you’d take good care of her when you got married? She’s not the only one here, but why did she convince him to leave her behind? Did you create the board to cut the buds and raise them? Too complacent and reckless. After my brother-in-law died, your sister-in-law was remarried, and his family searched for new shoes on social media, and a sister-in-law appeared to her parents and said, “Give me the baby! We’ll raise him!”So you’re going to just give them a child and let them grow up without parents? You think she’s happy to be raised by her grandparents? You don’t even know what parents are to them? What kind of selfish person is this? Plus, without proof of abuse.

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